About Us

Mission and Vision

At WreckTheTapedeck, our mission is to disrupt the traditional music journalism landscape by providing unique, high-quality content that challenges the status quo. We believe that music is a powerful medium that has the ability to inspire, unite, and provoke thoughtful conversation. Our vision is to redefine music journalism, uncover hidden gems, and create a space where music lovers can freely explore diverse genres, undiscovered artists, and thought-provoking perspectives.

Our History

WreckTheTapedeck was founded in 2008 by John Day, a seasoned music enthusiast who observed the growing homogeneity within the music industry and wanted to break away from the mainstream narrative. John Day realized that there was a need for a platform that unearths talent that doesn’t conform to established norms and amplifies the voices that are often overlooked.

Meet the Founder: John Day

John Day is an avid music connoisseur, creative strategist, and visionary entrepreneur. With a background in journalism and a fervent passion for pushing musical boundaries, John set out to build a platform that showcases untapped talent and challenges the status quo. With his wealth of experience and deep knowledge of the industry, John has played an integral role in curating a team that shares his vision of revolutionizing music journalism.

The Birth of the Website

WreckTheTapedeck was born out of frustration with the standardized approach to music journalism. Our founder, John Day, realized that music had become a commodity rather than an unfiltered form of expression. Inspired by this realization, he embarked on a mission to create a site that celebrates music in its purest form – raw, authentic, and outside of mainstream influence. WreckTheTapedeck was thus created to break the mold, providing an alternative source for those seeking unique and unbiased music coverage.

Our Objective

Our goal is to provide a platform where talented, independent artists can have their voices heard. We aim to discover hidden gems and undiscovered musical talent, offering a breath of fresh air to music enthusiasts who crave more than what is served by the mainstream. By curating a diverse array of genres, we strive to foster an inclusive community where people can exchange ideas, connect, and collectively appreciate the power of music.

Target Audience

While WreckTheTapedeck resonates with all music enthusiasts who crave fresh and diverse content, our primary target audience consists of individuals who want a departure from the ordinary. We cater to discerning listeners who yearn for in-depth analysis, thought-provoking discussions, and an exploration of new sounds that lie beyond mainstream boundaries. We welcome those who are searching for alternative sources to nurture their intellectual and emotional connection to music.

The WreckTheTapedeck Difference

What sets WreckTheTapedeck apart is the caliber of our team. We take pride in our diverse staff of highly skilled and experienced editors and contributors who are passionate about music. Drawing on their extensive backgrounds in the industry, our team employs a meticulous editorial process to ensure the highest standards of quality in our content. This commitment to excellence allows us to maintain our authenticity and deliver fresh, underground perspectives that you won’t find elsewhere.

So, whether you are an artist seeking recognition or a listener thirsty for untamed music, WreckTheTapedeck invites you to join us on this thrilling musical journey. Together, let’s challenge the conventions, revolutionize music journalism, and celebrate the remarkable tapestry of sounds that unite us all.

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