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Welcome to WreckTheTapedeck, where we dismantle traditional music journalism and unleash a raw, unfiltered perspective on the world of music. Founded by the visionary and boundary-pushing entrepreneur, John Day, our mission is to disrupt the stale narrative and breathe new life into music critique and exploration. With an unwavering commitment to honest opinions, compelling content, and uncommon perspectives, we redefine how music is experienced and discussed.

Our History and Founder

WreckTheTapedeck was born out of the frustration felt by its founder, John Day, towards the conformity prevalent in mainstream music media. Recognizing the need for a platform that goes against the grain and embraces diversity, Day embarked on a quest for innovation. Drawing upon his extensive experience as a music journalist, coupled with an innate desire to dismantle predefined norms, he established WreckTheTapedeck in About Us.

Aims and Objectives

At WreckTheTapedeck, our objective is crystal clear: to challenge the status quo and foster a community that revels in the chaos, diversity, and originality found in the world of music. We aim to provide honest, thought-provoking, and authentic music journalism that empowers artists, engages enthusiasts, and disrupts the model that ties both audiences down.

Our Unique Value

What sets us apart is our relentless passion for fairness and integrity. Our team of experienced and highly skilled editors and members adhere to a strong code of ethics, ensuring that every piece published on our website reflects honesty, even when it diverges from the mainstream sentiment. We embrace eclectic sounds, share the obscure, and celebrate risks taken by musicians that challenge traditional boundaries.

Target Audience

WreckTheTapedeck resonates with a diverse community of music enthusiasts: the ones tired of predictable reviews, seeking original voices that reflect the true spirit of music. From avid concert-goers and devoted record collectors to aspiring musicians craving inspiration, we welcome those who dare to tread on the edge of experimentation and crave intellectual stimulation. Regardless of genre or generation, our content aims to captivate and awaken all who have a love affair with music.

Join The Revolution

For musicians, WreckTheTapedeck is an opportunity to be discovered, reviewed with integrity, and thrust into the spotlight. For fans, it is a gateway to a world filled with subtle intricacies, hidden gems, and a deeper connection to the diverse universe of music. Navigate through our website, explore our unparalleled content archive, and immerse yourself in a true auditory exploration.

WreckTheTapedeck is not just a platform – it is a revolution ignited by the unwavering dedication of our team, fueling creativity, destroying the status quo, and solidifying our status as trailblazers in music journalism. Join us on this remarkable journey as we pave the way for tomorrow’s artists and provide our readers with a fresh perspective that transcends the ordinary. Be a part of the revolution – WreckTheTapedeck.

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